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Monday, July 13, 2009

Feels like my Birthday!!!

Hi Yall,
I just had to show yall all the wonderful special packages I got in my mail today!!! I don't know where to start out first so I just picked the Etsy Texas Crafters Swap I participated in. There were 27 people including me that got involved! I am really overwhelmed by this one because there were so many wonderful things! You can use these to help promote other artisans by adding little extras to the orders you get, send them in the mail to friends, give them out when you are in an art festivals, get to know new artists as well as one's you already know, be lured into buying from these shops, and the best part is to keep some of the goodies for yourself!!! :)

http://Peculiar Parchment.Etsy.com has 3 Etsy stores and a blog. I got on her mailing list and the other day she had a 10 hr. sale. You buy one and get one free! I went to all 3 of her stores and picked out of Peculiar Parchment some darling tags, and also purchased 2 sets of bracelets and earrings, so hardly spent any money at all and wallah....above is what I got!!! I love the fun beautiful jewelry and the tags are precious. I use them a lot for orders I get or making fun cards for friends and family. The one with the paw is 3d, which makes it extra cute! I love them all!

Oh...and how cute is this ACEO made from http://LolaLynn.Etsy.com! I have already framed it and took some pics of it, but decided to use Lola's pic because it was the best. How darling this is too! It even shimmers during the day and there is something very sentimental about kitties looking outside the window to me. I have another painting an Etsy gal made where a cat is looking outside the window. It just reminds me of Peanut's brother, Domino that went to Heaven when he was 11. The great thing too is that Lola gives 10% of her payment to Animal Charities! I love it Lola!!! :)

And last, but not least Kenzie received her new blanket from Peggy's Place Blog and she just LOVES it so much!!!
I have mentioned this before in an earlier post:
Go to this link below, but only if you are an animal lover!
Hairy Blankets for donation to CB

As you can see Kenzie was a bit leary at first about getting on the blanket, so she is easing herself onto it, little by little.

I think she was thinking..."Hey this is a toy!!!Cool!"

Now... what does she look like she's thinking? Wow, this is really comfy and soft Mom! Thank you so much......purrrrrrrrrrrrr.....


  1. Talk about Christmas in July! What great things your mail carrier brought! So many wonderful items to look through and of course Lola Lynn's ACEO is so cute and Kenzie is just adorable on her new blanket! What a fun day!

  2. That crafter's swap package looks amazing! And I love Lynn's city kitty print (of course!) - and that blanket is beautiful. The colors are purrfect for the lovely Miss Kenzie, and it looks so soft and warm.

  3. oh i love kenzies blanket....she really seems to love it too.
    there were suppose to be 27 people in the swap but only 24 sent in promos.i went tru all of them and i emailed lori to make sure. cause i wanted to list everyone. your tinie tiny book was just the cutest!! i must confess i broke the rules and kept your book. but that was the only thing i kept. :)

  4. What a great goodie grab! That is wonderful, and the blanket looks so snuggly :)
    I only copy my treasuries using the print screen method, which cuts part of the treasury off, so unfortuantely I'm the wrong person to ask about that - sorry!! :(

  5. You DID get lots of neat goodies and it really does look like your birthday doesn't it?
    Kenzie's a cute little model isn't she or at least when she chooses to be.
    Carly's really grown - you wouldn't recognize her now.