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I've been an artist my whole life and have had so many exciting art related jobs, which makes me kinda of a jack of a bunch of trades. I'm also college grad with a BFA and went to the High School of Performing & Visual Arts here in Houston. Visit my shop at Etsy and I promise you'll most likely receive a Smile to take with you! I decided to mention that about 10 years ago I was on chemo for 2 years. The chemo worked, but left me with other Heath issues, such as a case of Fibro which left me with having to get disability.Sad news, since I had a great career, that I can not work anymore. With my Faith and determination, I am determined to still do my art. My art gives me inspiration and thank you God! Oh, and please follow my blog! I'd love to have yall join me in my show and tells and also would love to hear what yall have to show and tell!:)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Texas Bluebonnets and one Lonely Indian Paintbrush

I just had to add a couple of pictures of our Bluebonnets here in Texas that we discovered a couple of months ago! How breathtaking! Isn't that strange how our shadows made the bluebonnets show up? And what is that lonely Indian paintbrush doing there right in the middle of huge field of bluebonnets? I bet he felt like an alien! There's a sight to be proud of, living in Texas about an hour northwest of Houston! It was a very sunny that day, but not hot at all. Now comes the heat and it's time to make a trip to the beach!
Have a beautiful Sunday!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Purple Songs Can Fly!

I just wanted to share some of my friends that I consider angels. I just posted 2 of my friends. (The one on the left side has been like family to me since we met when I we were 10 years old! The blonde on the right is Anita and is the founder) Below explains what they do for the Children's Cancer Hospital in Houston. I also wanted to mention that these songs are now on a Continental Station while on the plane!
This is all done by donations and my friends donate their time to do this! I painted the little table and chairs for their studio. They told me what to do, and so that is what I did! Anita is also an extremely talented classical and new age piano player and is quite successful with her cds and shows. I have a lot of wonderful musician friends that are very successful, but this "Purple Songs Project" is what I consider their greatest success!
The link to this site is: http://www.purplesongscanfly.com/
Please visit! It has a section of the children's songs that are so cute. They are coached but they write their own lyrics and music and sing!
Purple Songs Can Fly Project: Mission
Purple Songs Can Fly Project
Purple Songs Can Fly is a unique project that provides a musical outlet for the many children being treated for cancer and blood disorders at Texas Children’s Cancer Center and their siblings. In this program, which is the first of its kind, the children work with Anita Kruse and other professional composers to write and record their own songs. Using the latest technology in an in-house studio, composers work with the children individually or in small groups to compose, record, and burn songs to disc within short sessions.These children are given a highly creative, much needed musical environment to express the many and varied thoughts and feelings that will surely emerge during this time. The children are then able to share their music with friends and family in the form of individual CD recordings of their songs. Because music and singing are known to be beneficial in the healing process, it is the hope that the process of creating, singing and recording original songs will provide health benefits in addition to a sense of pride and joy.Purple Songs not only can Fly, but do fly. The children’s songs are copied on purple CDs and flown by participating passengers, pilots or astronauts to places on earth and into space. The CDs then fly back to Houston, signed, with all flight information included.As the dreams, wishes, thoughts, feelings, and imaginations of these children take wing through the creativity of music, it is the vision of Purple Songs Can Fly that soaring, flying, and rising above the obstacles of illness can truly become a reality as each purple song that flies creates a tangible symbol for the hope of healing.The Purple Songs Can Fly Projectis a 501(c)(3) non-profit organizationincorporated in the state of Texas.All donations are tax deductible.Purple Songs Can Fly Founder & Executive DirectorAnita Kruse
Dear Friends of Purple Songs Can Fly,
At 6:15 Houston time, dawn in Nepal, May 19th, Scott summitted Mt. Everest making him the first human being to both fly in space and climb to the highest point on earth.
We are all so proud of him and feel so blessed that he was carrying the children's Purple Songs with him on his climb.
We look forward to seeing him soon back in Houston and hearing about his amazing adventure!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crossties from Etsy and Texas!!!

Do yall remember the scarf I posted from http://crossties.etsy.com ? If you scroll down this page you will see it. She's another fabulous Texan that was in the Esty Texas Crafters Team swap we participated in! Well, I ordered 2 scarves from her in black with green flowers on one and purple flowers on the other one. I added beads to the flowers and I wanted to show you what they look like! Although I couldn't get a great picture, and you can't really see the sparkle... Oh well, so much for trying at least! These scarves are so.. me! The white sweater I'm wearing is a bit conservative as I do love to dress kinda artsy. I can wear them in the summer as well as the winter. I don't know about yall, but when you are in 90 and above temperatures here in Houston, and you go into a shop of any kind, usually it's freezing, so I always have to wear a button up sweater unbuttened or wrap it around my neck with the sleeves, and these scarves are also an added addition so I don't freeze!!! And they are cute too! You can order any color from her and then add pretty beads to the flowers if you want to, just to give them a little more pizzaz!!! OH!!! and they will look fabulous with my long black coat that has a gorgeous hood, in the winter, as well!

Friday, May 22, 2009

MARYSOL'S Etsy Shop!

OMG!!! I just couldn't choose, once again, what to show from this darling Etsy shop!!! So I just chose a couple of my favorite pieces this artisan has to offer! Yall MUST take a visit at: http://marisolmarysol.etsy.com/
You will not be disappointed! So.........CUTE!!!


This is not my favorite pieces of http://debhillart.etsy.com/ because I do not have a favorite. Her work is outstanding. I love her style and subject matter and what a fine acrylic and watercolor painter she is! She also uses other painting mediums as well. You must go check out her amazing shop! I someday will own one of her pieces! :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Ballerina Fairy

This is http://serendipityrose.etsy.com/ 's darling grandchild, Emily. She was in her first ballet recital yesterday and she was a STAR!!!! :)

Becky Brocato's Watercolors

I just noticed that I have a new follower and had to share one of her beautiful pieces!!! She's from Houston and I have featured her in a few of my Etsy Treasuries!!! I love her work so much!!! I got to meet her at one of our Houston mini team meetings!!!
Please check out her Etsy shop at: http://beckybrocato.etsy.com/

Friday, May 15, 2009

2009 Houston Fringe Festival

2009 Houston Fringe Festival
18th Feb 2009, by admin, filed in houston fringe festival No Comments
BooTown presents the second annual Houston Fringe Festival, May 15-17, 2009 to support the growth of new artistic endeavors and to develop new audiences. All works presented at the festival will be totally fresh to the Houston scene. There will be theatre, film, dance, performance art, music, and whatever else we can get our hands on, all culminating in a general ‘good time.’
Well, here I go again! I'm going to be in this festival Saturday! http://mammapainter.etsy.com/
who is one of my most favorite artists offered this invitation to me, and well, I'm going to do it! Sounds like a lot of fun! I just wish my disability with a severe case of fibromyalgia didn't have to get in the way of me hesitating to do it, and my last couple of festivals where we were flooded and I was stranded and the next day try my car wouldn't start, and then the Katy fest before, my car wouldn't start......I must pass this fear and go for it!!! So here's to a positive additude!!! :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Gothic Fairy

I told yall about the Etsy Crafters Team (Texas) one on one gift Swap. I posted about it below on this same page and showed you the darling gift I got. Her wonderful shop, well shops..you can visit them both through: http://kokodiablo.etsy.com
Well, I now get to reveal the gal I got to make my gift for! She was so perfect for me too because at her young age she is into fairies, wearing black, lace, etc. Very similiar to my stage of life when I was into Soft Punk back in the 80's. I still have a little punk in me, but would look silly dressing like I used to at my age of 51! Don't you think? :) For one, her shop is darling & I hope yall go visit it as she continues to add more precious handmade items. http://lilliesandlace.etsy.com/
I have posted the picture of the Gothic type Fairy I made for her and am now selling one in my shop with different colors if you want. This Fairy is covered in black lace that is glued above layers of tulle. Very difficult to take a picture. When you visit her shop, you will see a few additions on my Fairy that was inspired by her items!!! I offer many colors of angels and take customized orders! This one is the most unique one ever! :)

Giveaway Contest for May!

Yall must go visit this blog to enter a fabulous contest that is going on until the end of May! Some of you may know her as SimplyRaevyn.Etsy.com or PeculiarParchment.Etsy.com

I adore her shops, by the way and have purchased darling little thank you tags from her that I have posted before that you can see if you scroll down my blog. So far all my posts are on the same page! I have also included the photo above! I use them all the time!

Visit this link for the FUN CONTEST!!!


Monday, May 11, 2009

Me, being a member of Houston's mini team as well as Etsy's Texas Team, I am supporting Houston Etsy artists in my Treasuries. Most, but not all are members of the Etsy Texas Crafter's Team.
Visit my Flickr Page to check out all these wonderful shops this Treasury holds at:
Please visit the Etsy Texas Crafters Team's blog to check it out!

I give a big shout out "Thank You" to http:// MiaSophia.Etsy.com for writing this article about me and my Treasuries in ETC's blogspot!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Indian Summer Lodge

Yall have to go see my friend's web page about his Indian Summer Lodge. I could only nab the small pic you see above. You must look at the before renovation pics and then visit all his pages. He uses this as a Special Events place that is so dreamy, you really can't get a clue how fabulous it is without seeing it in person! Jeff Law is the founder of this project and he is involved in so many charity organizations, he's an extremely talented artist of all trades including fantastical landscaping. I can not say enough about this God given talented man, except for he is one of the most intelligent, talented, and probably the nicest, most down to earth person I know! He used to have an art gallery on 19th street in the Heights where I sold my art, called October Gallery. Wow, yall should have seen this place!!! It even had a bridge in it as you entered it's beautiful shop full of fabulous art work. He definately supports handmade art!

I was just informed that The Indian Summer Lodge is for sale. Such a beautiful place should never be forgotten. The memories will remain, and Jeff is biting at the bit to do another one. Sigh... Hopefully one day he will open up another storyland place like he has now, called The Indian Summer Lodge. http://www.indiansummerlodge.com/ISL_Home_Page.html

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Etsy Texas Crafters Gift Swap!

My Texas Etsy Team just had a Gift Swap with one person, so that meant it was suppose to be a really nice gift. None of us knew who would be making our's, so it was so exciting!!! I got this adorable scrap book and wonderful necklace made of Vintage buttons, and a bottle top, with silver beads that feel nice and heavyish. I love them both, but the Scrap Book is so full of surprises as you flip through the pages and the pages are made of white paper bags so you can put things inside them, as well as there are secret pockets inside the book. I just love it!!! Yall should go see Karly's shops! She has 2 and they are:

Thank you so much Karly!!!! :)