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I've been an artist my whole life and have had so many exciting art related jobs, which makes me kinda of a jack of a bunch of trades. I'm also college grad with a BFA and went to the High School of Performing & Visual Arts here in Houston. Visit my shop at Etsy and I promise you'll most likely receive a Smile to take with you! I decided to mention that about 10 years ago I was on chemo for 2 years. The chemo worked, but left me with other Heath issues, such as a case of Fibro which left me with having to get disability.Sad news, since I had a great career, that I can not work anymore. With my Faith and determination, I am determined to still do my art. My art gives me inspiration and thank you God! Oh, and please follow my blog! I'd love to have yall join me in my show and tells and also would love to hear what yall have to show and tell!:)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Twins making a difference for the Haiti Tragedy

Although I have been too busy to blog, because I'm getting ready for an Art Festival next weekend, I did find time to write a little article on these amazing 7 year old twins who came up with a darling way to help the Haiti tragedy. I would love for yall to please go visit and make comments as well at: http://www.indiesmiles.com/happy-hearts-for-haiti/#respond
You will also find out more details about their sponsor who is a company that organizes fabulous creative happenings at your location! I sure wish there was a place like that here in Houston. Maybe there is and I just don't know about it.

www.Indiesmiles.com is growing so much! There are several articles on the home page from different columnists. It's kinda like reading a magazine with all kinds of how to dos, Artist's tips, and special artist's bios! Along with that you can buy advertisement at a very low cost, and the traffic is growing so much. I hope to see yall there with your comments, ads, or just enjoy reading a lot of fun articles! You can go to the columnist's page as well and click on the name of each columnist as they are shown in slow motion on a slide video. You will be able to read their bios, and also read each of their articles by clicking on their titles!

Hope yall are having a good year and getting ready for Valentines Day!!!
Don't yall just love Valentine's Day? Even if you are single, buy something for yourself. I always have done that, although I do have a boyfriend now, I've spent many a Valentine Day single. It's all about the love of your family (which I include house pets to be part of the family as well), friends, and yourself!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Very Early Wednesday Morning

First of all I'd like to start off my saying that I have another article up about an artist that I adore. I am like her groupie and own a lot of her work, she gave me a lot and I bought several when she had a really good sale. She is so talented and so down to earth. She made that Gold Heart that you see above. But I also made a slide show with her work wit the article. I've mentioned her before in this blog. She is one of the gals that is helping out with the Etsy shop "Hearts for Haiti" and my Jack Russell that I donated, came to her when she posted it! Small world. I also donated a Package deal of notecards, print and flat magnet all of your choice. Anyway, I would love for yall to read about her as well as the article that is still on the same page at the bottom about Ruth. Yall see her link on the side of my page here on the right with the watercolors. Ruth painted that! I am thinking that maybe people aren't able to find the comment section, because I just got home from my Artisan of Houston mini team meeting and they all told me that they couldn't find where to put their comments. I told them it was at the very bottom of the article and even below the videos that I usually put up, and it says (Comments) in very tiny letters above the ariticle below it on the right side of the top of the next article below. A lot of you artists in mixed media and collage art know Linda(Mamapainter) so I do hope yall see this.
Also, I am having a very difficult time getting my life together. Sigh. I finally finished my last project from last year and finally got up the energy to start going through my tons of paper work and also aiming to also organize my art supplies better where I have no place to put them in this apartment... I am hoping to squeeze some shelves in at some point, but anyway, I get an e-mail from this girl that the owner of my favorite Art Fest in the world found for me to share with so we could split the cost, because I can't afford to rent a booth by myself. Well, this was the fest I was dying to do! I was really feeling depressed that I couldn't do it this year. Linda(MamaPainter) was going to be there too! So I had my head just geared to organize, which is terribly needed, and now I get to do the festival, which is good, but also I haven't worked on any new projects after the Holiday rush, and now I need to produce art work again before Feb 6. And I just got several commissions to make a variety of dogs, that are the hardest things for me to make, especially if they are dogs I do not know! So here we go again, a hurricane of art work needs to be done and fast! As my mess got a small portion organized today, here I am, about to mess up with my art work again on top of the unfinished "putting everything back in it's place" art supplies! And as of now my art supply places are tupperware bins. It is a total mess like a tornado hit it, and I am a mess, and I feel kinda sick about it because I have to be in it everyday and this now will be prolonged.........Have yall ever had times like this? When you just couldn't seem to catch up, and then you are about to get started catching up and then more work is to be done all of a sudden?


Well...I am now going to go cuddle with my kitty and think about it tomorrow as Scarlet on "Gone With the Wind" would say....For tomorrow will be another day.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A lot of New News! Read all about it!

Hi Yall on Saturday!
I have several things to write about and one of them is, I am going to enjoy part of my day visiting yall's blogs and make comments! Yay!!! I'm so excited!
Kenzie is happy about that too because she can lay in my lap and watch the computer screen. Have any of your cats or house pets ever done that? The other day I was watching a short video in an e-mail a friend sent to me and Kenzie was in my lap and she was watching it very intensely because the sound was on and she was listening as well as watching, then she looked up at the speaker and then at the man talking and then she looked back at me and said quietly "Meow?" and then she looked up on the screen again, then smelled it and then patted it with her paw and then she shouted "MEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!!" and flew out of my lap! Well, of course I don't have a video of that, but it was so funny and she continues to jump on my lap to snuggle & watch the computer. Right now though she is laying on her grayish blanket that Peggy made, which is on my small couch in this room I am in.

Talking about Peggy and her blankets, well, Kenzie continues to hog both of my blankets that Peggy made and one of them is mine really, because it's really a shawl and is on my bed....above is a picture of her, I kindly wrapped it around her to help her be warm and cozy.
Hey, here's a game for yall!
Find the kitty in this picture!

I have more news about Peggy from Peggy's Place! Did yall know that she is quite the artist, yet she won't admit it! Here are 2 things she sent to me that she made! They are so fabulous too! I was attracted to these bright orange flowers that I just had to buy to put in this gorgeous vase she made!

And from time to time, I will probably change around the flowers. She suggested lilies and I think these are lilies, but they are a bright orange that looks perfect in my living room, yet next time I'm at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, where ever, I may just pick me up some white lilies. I LOVE her vase!!!! I desperately needed a vase, and who knew, it was magical.....Peggy somehow knew. I hope yall visited the article I wrote about cat blogs and if you haven't, yall must! You can find all my links on the right side of this page and each one I've got posted has a link to the particular article. I had to take out the music of the 2nd and 3rd darling cat bloggers videos,amongst others, having to do with some technical issues, but Peggy's music that she chose is still there, at least I hope so!

Now here is another treat Peggy made and sent to me! I have one of these as I think they are so beautiful, but the jeweler that made them bought it already made and she made a necklace I bought from her. They are made out of Dichroic Glass Beads and are very difficult to make as well. Peggy took a class and made this one, which is and I will defiantly proudly wear it, because I absolutely love to wear jewelry and this is one of my many tastes in jewelry wear and especially handmade!:

I adore the little pink bag it came in too. I collect them and they are displayed in my special place in my big bathroom along with my special jewelry, where, of course, Peggy's Necklace hangs.
Thank you so much Peggy! I will cherish your pieces forever!

Next on my list of things to tell yall is, I have a new article on Indiesmiles. You can also find the link on the right side of my page and it's about one of my favorite artists. She is so interesting along with being overly talented. I own one of her pieces I have mentioned before in older posts:

I have a personal meaning for loving that piece so much, but yall will have to go see the article I wrote about her and learn who she is that inspires her to do her wonderful art. You can go to this link: www.indiesmiles.com since it's on the home page right now, or just click on the picture on the top right under my followers to take you there. The comments will be there so please make a comment. They are so important to me, and who knows, someday I may approach one of yall to do an article about as well!

And on my last news, which is very disturbing to me is, someone here in Houston has stolen my identity. I got a letter from the electric company that I was a co-signer of a customer that had an outstanding bill of 400.00 and that would be applied to my next phone bill. It gave their address and Electricity account number. I was mortified and had a feeling I had been raped, which I have been ages ago, so I can say that. I called the Electric company and told them the story, and so far nothing has been changed but that they were going to be doing an investigation. I will know what happens in a matter of 5 to 10 days. I am not paying that bill what so ever, if I have to go to court or take a lie detector test, this person will not get my money, or rather, the electricity people won't get my money. Since I am innocent, let's see if the system works. Now why would I co-sign when I don't even have a credit card and I'm on disability? Good Grief!!!

On that note:
I am now going to take a wonderful journey into yall's blog worlds!
Have a wonderful Saturday to all of yall!
I know I will!
Linda :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Cat Lover I Found!

Yes, I am very busy still...it never seems to end! But I wanted to share a photographer to yall that has also done so much for the Beaver County Humane Society and she makes the most beautiful animal and nature cards you can see on her website!
Her name is Kelly and she is a treasure, especially for us animal lovers as well as her nature photo cards are awesome! I have just written an article about her on www.Indiesmiles.com
You can also take a look at my articles on the right side to click on to get to hers! Please, any comments on the Indiesmiles Kelly article would be so much appreciated! I have already ordered 8 of her beautiful cards and she even sent me a Xmas photo card, that I can't seem to put away, along with the some of the others I have gotten from some of yall!
Will there ever be a slow motion day, where I can sit back and visit yall's blogs?
Oh how I wish!!! Maybe I'll do that today, but I have 2 articles I'm doing now...my list of chores goes on and on.
I love yall!
Linda :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Computer Virus Victim

Hi Yall,
Well, "The Computer Crash Virus Dragon" got to my computer! It took over my entire computer and I did not have access to it, even after trying to restore it several times. It wouldn't even let me get to my Documents or Pictures to try to save them. Thank goodness for the pics I have here on my Blog, Flickr, and Etsy. I had to take my PC into Office Depot and spent 150.00 and now I have it back. It still is working very slow, which I don't understand that part and that was my Christmas money all spent because of this %$%^^&&&**^$e#@#$#$%% VIRUS!!!!!

Breath, Calm Down, Visual a Beautiful Image......Happy Thoughts....
I found these pictures in a file that was already in my computer....hmmmm...
I wonder if the manufacturers put that file of pictures in there just for calming us "Virus Victims".
So a New Year and a whole new computer all clean, and I've got to retake pics, etc. Yall must know the drill.
:) Happy thoughts!.....

I'll be back in touch once things get back into order.
I still need to download things to my computer.
Arg.....Happy thoughts!....

By the way, if you are wanting to check out an article I've written for Indiesmiles, some of them are down now because I have to take out the music. It will all get fixed, and my many projects will get done, including taking down my Christmas decor, which is a sad part for me to do. But all in all, things could be worse and I thank God everyday for what I have.
No head down, just Happy Thoughts Yall!!!
Talk to you soon and thanks to yall that have been commenting on my posts! I'll get back to everybody again, and everything will be running smoothly!
Happy Thoughts for all of yall too!
I can't wait to have the time to check out your blogs again!!! All of you are very important to me, so if you think I'm lame for not leaving posts on your blogs, not to worry!!! I just have been way too busy, I have not left yall at all! Just having some set backs here in my little world in Houston.
BTW, Kenzie says hi!
Linda :)