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Friday, June 25, 2010

Stolen Purse Victim

Purse, wallet, card holder, and Coin Purse:

I am the victim of my purse being stolen. I wanted to tell yall about my experience for yall to always be extra careful as you do not want this to happen to you! Yes, I am always careful with my purse. Who isn't? I keep my purse in the grocery cart usually covered with stuff and always holding onto it. I was in an area of the store that was baren of people. I took a split second to look at a shirt and took my hand and my eye watch off my grocery cart, no one was around, so time spent at all, and when I looked down, my purse was stolen. Along with another gal's purse being stolen within the same 15 minutes, at least. The store would do nothing about. It was not their responsibility. We had to call the cops. They were rude, and blamed it on us as it was our responsibility. They just took some info about us and it took about an hour for them to get there, although it seemed like an enternity. I had no idea how much this effected me as I have been through much more tragedies. As we are talking to this rude cop a security guard ran up and had found a plastic bag that had been left on the floor with our purses in it. The thieves had taken everything, but what is weird, is they carefully looked through the deepest part of my wallet, a couple of sentimental pictures, my Medicare card and QMB(medicaid) card, my keys and my meds were left. Thank God! But my cell, debit/credit card, social security card, camera, wallet, cash, and other paper work, amonst other things, were taken. I had no idea what a hassle this would be. You know you have to replace everything, call every place, change your bank account number, new drivers license, new social security number, you have to get a new cell phone, new camera, call places that take your money out of your bank account, keep an open bank account for outstanding checks, change your paypal, which takes forever. I still haven't received my new checks or debit/credit card, nor has paypal, gone through yet. I didn't even have any credit cards, but the thief did make one effort to use my debit/credit card on gasoline, and I got that reimbursed. I had just received over 100.00 worth of new checks, lost that, and am waiting for 2 boxes now that I had to pay 50.00 for. Guess I'll have to think a way of fun ways to make something out of the unused checks. Any suggestions? I felt so sorry for the other gal that had tons of credit cards. I'm just saying, you may not think this will happen to you. Even if you have to watch over your kids every split second, by all means keep your attention equality towards your purse as well. I don't care if you cover it up. It still happens. If if it happened to me, and I thought I was always extra careful, it could happen to you too. Now that I go into stores, I see most people doing exactly what I was doing. I feel it's my duty to go up to them and tell them what happened to me. They immediately respond as well. In the mean time, the day after it happened, I was coming down with the flu, which I wasn't aware of. I had 102 tempt, I found out and just thought I was stressed out and thought I had the beginning of demensia. This is first day I don't have fever for a week. But I am still coughing up a productive cough. So I guess, now I have a bad chest cold. So beware, it happens when you least expect it and I at least want yall to be safe!!! The items I am showing above is from an amazingly talented artison for making fabulous bags, wallets, business card holders, and coin purses! She will also do custom orders! Check her out! I am going to replace my items with some of her very well made wallets, business card holders, and coin purses. They are well made along with she is having a clearance sell as well!
Ordering from her is going to make my loss a bit more cheerful!
I wish yall safety.


  1. Oh gosh linda! that sounds awful! I hope you get well soon and that your troubles are temporary, no long term problems with credit, etc.

  2. Boy Linda, you got double whamy! I'm so sorry that you had to experience this "stolen purse" thing. Been there, done that! And you are right, it's not fun, a lot of work on your part too. I don't carry anything in my bag except my car keys, my sketchbook, some yarn, needles and few pencils. The card is my pants pocket along with my cell phone. I have learned...and the hardway! Once you go through something like this, you will never let this happen to you again. I sure hope you are feeling better. It's horrible getting sick during the Summer! Wishing you well and good luck with everything!

  3. Sorry about your loss. You know what I do when I'm shopping? I put my purse on the top shelf and use the clicker that's attached to the cart to keep my purse safe. At least it's a deterrant.

  4. I'm sorry this happened to you! I've not had this happen to me but I appreciate your tips. I don't carry my social security card in case it does but I also need to copy my other cards so I know what's in my purse if I should ever need to know. Hope everything else goes okay for you!

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  6. The police in our area do news promos every once in a while about this very thing. You should NEVER put your purse anywhere in your buggy. It should stay on your person at all times. I carry mine on my shoulder the entire time I shop - at every store. It's very easy for someone to steal your purse, even if you are just reaching down to the bottom shelf to get something. Covering it up is not a deterent - this goes for your car as well. People think they can leave their purses in their car and cover them up with a jacket or something but the theives are aware that women do this (they all have women in their lives who do this too).

    My purses are all small and I only carry what is absolutely necessary. Crafting supplies, sketchbooks, cameras etc, can be left in a tote bag in your car - although I wouldn't suggest leaving an expensive camera in a car unless it's locked in the trunk or glove box.

    So sorry this happened to you Linda. Get yourself a shoulder bag or a purse that goes across your body or even a fanny pouch and keep it on at all times when shopping.

    (I was signed in under ETC when I made the comment above. THat's why I removed it and reposted under my name. Sorry!!)

  7. this has become such a common practice these days i became so angry last weekend when this thing happened to me i contacted this company and they recover my stolen identity info http://bit.ly/9AmT7f

  8. this has become such a common practice these days i became so angry last weekend when this thing happened to me i contacted this company and they recover my stolen identity info http://bit.ly/9AmT7f