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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kelly Dinwiddie Photography for Animal Charity!!!

I have written an article before about Kelly for www.Indiesmiles.com and here she is again using her talents to collect money for the Beaver County Human Society! You will receive 4 if her beautiful photo cards for only $10.00 and add on $1.00 for shipping. I own several of her cards and am here to to say, they are out of this world beautiful and not only do you get a set of her cards, but you will be giving to a wonderful animal charity. I have most of the informations here in this blog, but you may go to: http://kellydinwiddiephotography.weebly.com/bchs-fundraiser.html
to see the page on her website. You will simply find the Contact section on her main page and write to her what you want and she will give you her address to send the money to as she takes your address to send the cards to.
Here are the details below!

Beaver County Humane Society

Please help support the homeless animals at the Beaver County Humane Society.
Proceeds go to the new building fund.

I designed the cards with a loving heart!

A pack of 4 all occasion cards - $10.00.
They measure 5 x 7, and come with
a white envelope.

As shown below - the cards are packaged with four different designs in each pack -

You get: 4 Lady Daisy Border Collie Cards
4 Sir Wilfred Black and White Cat Cards.

They were printed at the Beaver Valley Intermediate Unit and they did a terrific job! Kudos to them!

Wilfred was adopted from the BCHS by Elise and Gordon who are huge animal lovers. They were happy to allow me to use Wilf's photos in the fundraiser. Thank you! Wilf found his way into my yard in 2006 and was lucky enough to be adopted into a loving family through the shelter.
Many thanks to those who rescue and adopt
the homeless animals who are truly the sweet souls.

Daisy's Mom, Joy, is an animal lover and was kind enough to allow me to use Daisy's photos to create cards for this fundraiser. Daisy is a sweet Border Collie who happens to be a very photogenic diva! Thanks Joy!


  1. Those cards are all so bright and cheerful and of course adorable! It's wonderful that the proceeds are helping a worthy animal charity!

  2. These are beautiful cards! Thanks for letting us know about them.