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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Cat Blog Article!!!

Hi all you kittie lovers! My cat blog article is up now at http://www.Indiesmiles.com/
It's kinda confusing,but yall will know what to do if you read everything on the 1st page after you click on "read more" There are 3 videos, and I left a comment on it to explain some things. I hope yall will visit and leave a comment!

The 3 bloggers are: Peggy's Place, http;//asti009.blogspot.com/ I hope I got that right, but there is a higlighted link in the article. Yall will find it.

Then there is: http://glogirly.blogspot.com

And last but not least House of Cats, Http://House of Cats-Amy.blogspot.com

It's a little bit difficult to find some things, so if yall have any questions, just write me a comment!

I sure had a blast making this article & fell in love with each kitty that is portrayed. They are all so cute with their very own personality.

The article will only be up until Christmas, I believe, so hurry before it's taken off the main Home page, but it will always be there if you go to columnists and click on the articles I've written.

Also there is a rule that you have to also include an artist's shop as well, so since my shop has a lot of kitties, I just used mine for this one. It was a last minute rule & seemed appropriate!

Linda :)


  1. Hi Linda - I LOVE the article! It is so great and I love the slideshows too! The only thing I noticed is the blog address is wrong for us (it should be http://houseofcats-amy.blogspot.com, you have a dash between amy & blogspot) but that is no big deal. I love it anyway! And the ones for Peggy's Place and Katie and Glogirly are great too (I just started following Katie a couple weeks back). I am going to post on my blog about the article tomorrow so I hope it willget some more traffic there (and since I am following your blog it will eventually end up in my blog list on my site, if I ever get around to updating it!) Thanks again for writing about us - it was so wonderful (and I loved seeing the slides of Floyd too - we miss him tons and it is great he is included). I tried to get the kitties to look at the slideshows, but they are currently too busy being bad and fighting near the tree, or waiting by their food bowls for dinner (which they know is not for about 20 minutes).

  2. I'll have to check out your article! I realized I neglected to get some info to you as promised. Getting organized is on my resolutions for the new year!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday Linda!

  3. We saw from Amy that your featured them on your page! Went to see the article and LOVED it!!! You are very talented in your work and we are now followers of your blog! Please feel free to stop by ours anytime!!!

    Sniffs & Scratches~
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew
    aka...Skeeter, King, Pandora, and Cricket

    PS...Happy Holidays!!!

  4. I'm on my way to check out the articles. Anything positive about us kitties is wonderful.

  5. We're just gonna check owt the article ~ we came from Amy and the house of cats bloggie.

  6. Will go look at the kits in a minute here....I wanted to pop by and wish you a very joyous Christmas. Hoping you have some calm too!! I am thrilled to have met you this year hon!! Hugs, Sarah

  7. We love the article - you did a great job! Hope you and Kenzie have a very happy holiday!

    Love and purrs from Franklin, Dobby, Tasha, and Katie (the human!)

  8. P.S. our mom says to say that she did put your card in the mail, but it will definitely NOT get there by tomorrow because of the big snowstorm we had. We are still digging out!

  9. What a great slide show. Well done.

    Merry Christmas!