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I've been an artist my whole life and have had so many exciting art related jobs, which makes me kinda of a jack of a bunch of trades. I'm also college grad with a BFA and went to the High School of Performing & Visual Arts here in Houston. Visit my shop at Etsy and I promise you'll most likely receive a Smile to take with you! I decided to mention that about 10 years ago I was on chemo for 2 years. The chemo worked, but left me with other Heath issues, such as a case of Fibro which left me with having to get disability.Sad news, since I had a great career, that I can not work anymore. With my Faith and determination, I am determined to still do my art. My art gives me inspiration and thank you God! Oh, and please follow my blog! I'd love to have yall join me in my show and tells and also would love to hear what yall have to show and tell!:)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Artisans of Houston Art Festival

I just finished the very first Festival of my mini team Artisans of Houston, and it just so happened to be held at the church I went to when I was a baby until I was around 11! I was even Babtized, well Christianed, there! It surely didn't look the same to me as it did when I was a kid! I remember it being so much bigger!!! :) It was a beautiful day, kinda slow, and none of us really made much money, but I did some wonderful trades and did make enough money to be happy with! By then, I was extremely exhausted. You can tell it in my face. But to share a small gym with all these extremely talented artisans, I had a blast! It was as if our little family was having a great big party to celebrate our friendship and talents! I can not tell you of one person that did not shine at the show more than another. I only got some pictures of my little section and the church, and now I wish I would have been able to have had the time to have taken more pictures of everybody else. You get so busy at these festivals, and usually you are so very tired, and when you walk around you just want to look at the other people's work and blab!

I also ended up trading and discounts with a gorgeous dark brown bag purse from Http://akatdesigns.Etsy.com The picture does not do it justice though. It's a gorgeous dark brown with a black and white checkers fabric in the inside. Yall must gp visit her shop! She has a sweater I want so bad, but a bit bigger, maybe a different color, but I LOVE it!!! It's the pink one.

I had to have these earrings too! They look like wood but are actually a bead! Gorgeous. I wish I could send yall a site to see all of her gorgeous work but she doesn't havg a shop! Her name is Andi though.

Now how cute is this winter hat?!?! I love wearing it, I get so many compliments as well and I feel like a Who from Whoville in the "Grinch that Stole Christmas" and it makes me feel like I have a long ponytail. I am so into hats! I did get her card but it appears that she doesn't have a shop to send yall too, unfortunately.

I fell in love with this little guy below! The girl that made it has an Etsy site that yall must go visit! Http://VMGCeramics.Etsy.com

Both of the below pieces are last but not least!!! I got these from http://CottonEyedJo.Etsy.com Aren't they cute?

Well,now I have a few weeks off, yet with many more projects to make, but at least I can relax a bit now.
Hope yall have a fabulous week!!!
Linda :)


  1. You're so busy! What a great show, and it's cool you can trade things. Love your art :-)

  2. That hat is awesome.