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I've been an artist my whole life and have had so many exciting art related jobs, which makes me kinda of a jack of a bunch of trades. I'm also college grad with a BFA and went to the High School of Performing & Visual Arts here in Houston. Visit my shop at Etsy and I promise you'll most likely receive a Smile to take with you! I decided to mention that about 10 years ago I was on chemo for 2 years. The chemo worked, but left me with other Heath issues, such as a case of Fibro which left me with having to get disability.Sad news, since I had a great career, that I can not work anymore. With my Faith and determination, I am determined to still do my art. My art gives me inspiration and thank you God! Oh, and please follow my blog! I'd love to have yall join me in my show and tells and also would love to hear what yall have to show and tell!:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Laser eyes and a Question

Kenzie spooky laser eyes for what she must have seen on my Halloween Pumpkin Patch below this one. She should be included in my Pumpkin Patch. Don't yall think so? :)

What is the best place to make a video slide show and how do I upload it on my site and others. I can't seem to get my URL's to work on my blog, only add pics on my left side column. What am I doing wrong?
Thank you!
Linda :)


  1. Kenzie has very spooky laser eyes and seems ready for Halloween next week! Cute chair by the way!

    As for the video slide show, I've never done one but have seen it on others and they use Photobucket. I don't know how it's done but I hear it's not too difficult. Do you visit Deb at Storybeader or Edi at Memories for Life Scrapbooks? Both of them have used it I know.

  2. I've used http://www.slide.com It's really easy...Have a good weekend!