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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kenzie Day! She's Jealous and wants me to Brag about her!

Kenzie is so....jealous that I am following so many darling animal blogs that she wanted in on the deal! So I promised I would put in some pics of her and a post about her at least once a week! I will gradually tell you about her. I rescued her at age 9 more than a year ago. She hated me at first. I felt like the "cat whisperer" and slowly she grew to trust me and now we are so in love! She never had a steady home and at one time I think she was abused. These pictures are not great, but they tell the story of her getting used to the bed I bought her, which she took to it immediately and was kneading it & purring at the tops of lungs. She had a lot of trouble at first and this bed, yall may think, is too small for her, but I didn't have the heart to take it back as she loved it so.....much! When I first got it she was so happy! & I left the room for a second and came back to find her upside down, with only her hind feet in it! Darn, I didn't have a camera on hand to capture that pose! She looked up at me and said "Meeeeeeooooow...? Mo....m?"

She eventually figured out how to fit in with her very long legs and tail.

So that is part of the story of Kenzie and her bed. She has been attached to that bed ever since, yet she has her favorite other spots which I'll tell yall about later!
Hope yall have a Fabulous week!!!


  1. Hi Kenzie...Mommy should gloat about a beautiful doll like you..

    xoxo S

  2. Linda Kenzie is a beauty.


  3. Kenzie is so pretty and looks so comfy and happy in her bed! We're glad she made you blog about her!

  4. Linda, she's a gorgeous creature! :-)

  5. I'm so glad that you and Kenzie found each other. She has such a pretty little face! And Tasha says she doesn't think the bed looks too small - it's purrfect!

  6. She looks so happy in her bed. It's perfect!

  7. Carly has finally gotten to big to squeeze into a very small basket that my Mom gave her to sleep in when we visited her and Dad. She loved it and can no longer even pretend to fit in it.

    Kenzie is soo purrrty - smart cat to convince you to do a whold blog on her.

  8. Aaawwww, she's adorable and that bed...too cute! She looks as if she's in a tiny boat on the ocean.

  9. Thanks Linda - scared me too! I do over- react somewhat!!

  10. Well done dear girl for rescuing this little treasure...am sure she likes the bed because it is little...so cosy and comforting...