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I've been an artist my whole life and have had so many exciting art related jobs, which makes me kinda of a jack of a bunch of trades. I'm also college grad with a BFA and went to the High School of Performing & Visual Arts here in Houston. Visit my shop at Etsy and I promise you'll most likely receive a Smile to take with you! I decided to mention that about 10 years ago I was on chemo for 2 years. The chemo worked, but left me with other Heath issues, such as a case of Fibro which left me with having to get disability.Sad news, since I had a great career, that I can not work anymore. With my Faith and determination, I am determined to still do my art. My art gives me inspiration and thank you God! Oh, and please follow my blog! I'd love to have yall join me in my show and tells and also would love to hear what yall have to show and tell!:)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thank you Mishkat!!!

If you click on the link above you will find a post Mishkat made about my Peanut kitty cards. What a sweetheart she is for doing that! Yall should then go check out her wonderful blog and become a follower. Her blog is all about her darling kitty cats, starring Franklin,Dobby, and Tasha! Her photos and stories about them are so much fun that if I get the chance I try to visit her blog everyday to see what her kitties are up to! I must mention that they are stars in the blog kitty world!!! :D

This next pic is the "true love of my life", Peanut, that lived to be 20 years old. She is also displayed as one of my very first posts that is on the bottom of this page. It tells her story! Practically every single painting I've done of her is a pose or what she actually would do! I keep her alive through my art. Every single piece I have made, including a couple of illustrated books about her are dedicated in memory of her. Such a sweet soul will never be forgotten.

This picture above is my darling kitty cat that I have now named Kenzie. She is also featured in one of my posts below. She's a rescue kitty like Peanut was, yet I got her when she was 9 years old. We have lived together for a bit over 1 year. She hated me at first, but now we love each other so much! I have tons of pics of her in her funny poses, but I am repeating this pic because it's the 4th of July and she is showing her patriotism by saluting the flag! Yes, I found that to be quite unusual & oh so smart, that a kitty cat would be so patriotic!!! :)
Happy 4th of July everybody!!!
Linda :)


  1. Haha, that's a great picture of Kenzie saluting the flag! Pretty kitty. Peanut was also.

    We heard about you on Mishkat's blog and The Mommy wanted to come check out your art. We'll let her borrow the computer for awhile to do that, we guess. ;) The quilt idea for old t-shirts in your other post is a neat idea, too bad The Mommy has no talent in that area whatsoever!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  2. Great photos. Love that zig-zaggy pattern on Peanut's belly.

    I like what you said about Katie and friends: "...stars of the blog kitty world." I agree.

  3. Thank you so much, Linda! The cats and I are blushing because of all the nice things you said about us! We like your artwork so much, and are glad to be able to feature you.

    And I loved seeing the photos of Peanut and Kenzie! Peanuts little legs are *really* cute! (just like you said!), and Kenzie's pose is adorable. I'm very glad that you and Kenzie found each other.

  4. I saw your stuff on Mishkat's blog too and had to drop in and see what else is going on. Love your artwork, and the cat photos are great.

  5. Katie and her kitties are certainly wonderful and I have to visit them every day! Your work is wonderful too! Peanut was so cute and it's great that she can live on in your work! Love that adorable picture of Kenzie!

  6. That is great Mishkat mentioned you (you certainly deserve it!) and I'm in love with your past and present kitties. I hope you have a happy, safe and fun Independence Day :)

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your work is so gorgeous and your kitty was too :) Kenzie is awesome as well. Love that pose!

  8. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! And thank you your tips for using clay. I really enjoyed using clay, its a first for me, but I enjoyed it so much I definitely want to do more of it. Your tips will come in very handy!!
    I'm very very excited about receiving your packages- Cant wait!! :-)