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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Bellaire Festival Nightmare

My partner Pam, poor thing got sick as yall know and my 2 friends that would have been our neighbors couldn't go, so I thought I'd brave it alone.
Ok, I was told that there would be many volunteers to help us. It wasn't raining this morning so I got up at 4am and got there at 5am. Nobody there yet. Hmmm. Finally the people showed up and I got my Festival package that told me where my booth would be. No problem setting up, but very time consuming. I had a couple of helpers that really did more harm than good, as what they tied up for the wind, fell down anyway. I would have done it differently anyway. I saw AnaMaria, which was so nice and her friend gave me a delicious muffin. By the time I parked my car and got back to my tent everything was getting sprinkled on, but not damaged and I pulled things more into the tent. There were hardly any tents there, and really no customers, but I almost immediately got a couple of customers and sold 6 things. Yay to that. Then it was time to leave, around 10:30am as NOW they tell us we can come back tomorrow from noon to 5pm. Everyone scurried around and left. I was stranded having to fend for myself. A lot of things I had were damaged with the rain. I also have many heavy pieces. I nearly killed myself as I had to try to dash things into my jeep at a rapid pace while I was getting drenched through my rain coat, coat, and clothes. Everything was drenched actually. I could not pack my jeep to save my life. Then the tent had to go in first. I got my neighbor to help me at the last part of the folding down of the tent, but I did not have help to lift and carry to & put things in my jeep. I'm starting to hate everybody at this point. All would've fit, but as it was pouring down rain in buckets & I needed a special way to pack, that was impossible.
So there I am drenched, my stuff is drenched, and needless to say I had stepped in a huge ant bed where I got about 10 huge ant bites. Good grief. As you can see, I finally made it home and had to vent. so venting I just did. A frapachino in one hand & a dry warm cozy robe I have on. I almost need to go back tomorrow to the Festival again, it's suppose to be beautiful weather, naturally.... because I need to air out my stuff. I brought some items in to try to save.
Moral of this story?
Never Trust Mother Nature.


  1. Sorry to hear you had such a horrible time! Hopefully tomm. goes better for you- at least you had a few sales out of it.

    I wanted to go to this event, but knew I wouldn't be able to handle all the set-up and breakdown by myself being nearly 8 months pregnant. *Anyways, that's a different story- but I do wish you better weather, luck and sales for tomm should you attend.


  2. So sorry to hear about the mess! The news said 80% of Houston roads were flooded!

  3. a nightmare indeed. I got caught in that rain on my way home from class and it was dreadful. I can't even imagine what it would be like trying to take down your art booth in pouring rain. Its hard enough putting it up.

  4. Oh, I am so sorry that the festival went so bad. Leave it to Mother Nature to rain on your parade.